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Posts by Susan Myer, RN, BSN, CCRN, CDP

Generations Home Healthcare Participates in Cupid Crew

Generations Home Healthcare was thrilled to partner with Wish of a Lifetime on Valentine’s Day this year to participate in #CupidCrew! Our team delivered 300 beautiful roses to seniors in nursing homes, rehab facilities, adult day care programs and assisted living communities. Cupid Crew’s mission is that “we should be together much more than we…

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Six Things to Pack in an Emergency Kit

If a blizzard, flood, hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster hit, how prepared are your parents? Government agencies urge people to have an emergency kit prepared in advance of any storm or natural disaster. These are the six things you need to make sure are in that kit. #1 – Water Make sure there is…

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Five Ways to Get Your Mom Involved in Her Community

Volunteering is more than helpful to others, it’s good for your mom’s health. According to the Corporation for National & Community Service, older adults who volunteered had lower rates of disability and mobility issues and improved mental and physical well-being. Depression is one area that studies have looked at. People who volunteer often have lower…

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What Impact Does Diabetes Have on Vision?

When your older family member was diagnosed with diabetes, their doctor may have advised them to have their eyes checked more frequently than people without diabetes need to. There’s good reason for seniors with diabetes to be more diligent about eye exams. Diabetes can have some serious affects on vision, including vision loss. Having an…

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Subdural Hematomas Can Be a Result of Falls

You may be aware that former president Jimmy Carter recently suffered a fall. In fact, he fell twice during the month of October 2019. Both falls resulted in injuries. One fall caused a fractured pelvis and the other a cut on the head that required 14 stitches. Unfortunately, the falls also caused a subdural hematoma,…

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Keep Your Elderly Parent Healthy This Winter

Chronic health issues can affect aging adults all year, but the winter season can add additional challenges in managing your aging mom or dad’s exposure to germs and injurious situations. Keeping an aging loved one healthy during the winter weather will take all your abilities and resources, but it’s worth it when your elderly parent…

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