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Six Fast Breaks You Can Take as a Caregiver

You know that you need to take some breaks as a caregiver, but you might not have time for the break you really need. A short break can help get you through to that longer break.

Caregiver Somerset NJ - Six Fast Breaks You Can Take as a Caregiver

Caregiver Somerset NJ – Six Fast Breaks You Can Take as a Caregiver

Crank up Your Favorite Song

Music that you love has the power to instantly boost your mood and get your brain going in a positive direction. If you’re in a situation in which you can’t just blast some music, you might want to keep a set of earbuds handy, just in case. Enjoy your song and hopefully you’ll be ready to dive back in.

Close Your Eyes and Slow Your Breathing

Some situations require a much quieter approach. One way you can give yourself a time out is to close your eyes, which helps to block out whatever is going on at least a little. From there, consciously slow your breathing and deepen it.

Go Get a Glass of Water

Dehydration can take a toll on you that you don’t even realize. You can feel tired, sick to your stomach, and emotionally off. Sip a cool glass of water and give yourself a couple of minutes to see if that helped. If you find you’re still thirsty or that you need another couple of minutes, drink another glass of water.

Write out Everything that’s Bugging You

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything, you might need a minute to sort through it all. A blank piece of paper and a pen can help a lot. Write out everything that is crowding your mind right now. You don’t have to solve it or attempt any sort of troubleshooting, just write it all down. Hopefully by the time you’re done, your brain feels more clear.

Cue up a Short Clip that Makes You Laugh

One thing that the Internet is good for is short clips of just about anything that can make you laugh. You might not have time right now to watch a full show, but you can likely cue up a video clip that you know is going to make you laugh. Even if you need two or three in a row, this doesn’t take up much time.

Walk in Place and then Stretch

You might need to get your body moving a bit. Walk in place briskly for a few minutes and then take the time to do some stretches. This can help you to get your blood flowing and give your brain a bit of a break so you can dive back in.

Some of these ideas are better for some situations than others. That’s why it’s a good idea to build up a list of several different fast break ideas that work well for you. You’ll always have an option.

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