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Do You Believe You Shouldn’t Need Help as a Caregiver?

Very often caregivers make statements about not needing help or that they shouldn’t need help. This can be disastrous because it closes you off to the help that you truly do need.

Caregiver Union County NJ - Do You Believe You Shouldn't Need Help as a Caregiver?

Caregiver Union County NJ – Do You Believe You Shouldn’t Need Help as a Caregiver?

One Person Can’t Do it All

One person simply cannot do everything that needs to be done as a caregiver. The more your senior’s needs grow, the less you can do on your own. This isn’t a failing on your part. This is simply how life works. Helping your elderly family member is complicated and takes a lot of time, energy, and knowledge that you alone aren’t necessarily responsible for.

You’re Heading for Burnout

If you cling to this belief, you’re heading straight for burnout. You’ll first find yourself extremely stressed out, possibly even for years. But eventually, you won’t have anything left to give. A candle can’t continue to burn indefinitely. This isn’t fair to you and it really isn’t fair to your aging adult, either. She cares about you the same way that you care for her and she wouldn’t want you to make that kind of sacrifice.

Caregiving Is a Team Sport

It’s much easier if you remember that caregiving is a team sport. If that doesn’t ring true for you, consider who is actually on your elderly family member’s care team. There’s her doctor or doctors, who make up the medical part of the team. She may have specialists and therapists as well, who are also part of the team. Other family members, friends, and agencies that help the elderly can all be a part of the team, too. You’re not as alone as you think or as you’re trying to keep yourself.

It Takes Time to Change Deep Beliefs

This is a really deep-seated belief. It can take a lot of time to change these types of beliefs from an extreme to somewhere in the middle. You might even believe that other people shouldn’t have to go into caregiving alone, but that doesn’t extend to yourself. Give yourself the time that you need to make the shift to caring for yourself enough to get the help that you need to make your caregiving journey easier.

Everyone needs help now and again. If you’re still not ready to accept much help as a caregiver, try looking for little ways to get the help that you really do need. Eventually you may find it much easier to turn this belief around.

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