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Are You Saying “No” Enough?

Saying no is not easy to do, especially when you’re a caregiver. But there are honestly some things that you can’t commit to right now, either because you’re too busy or because it needs to be handled by someone else.

Caregiver Westfield NJ - Are You Saying “No” Enough?

Caregiver Westfield NJ – Are You Saying “No” Enough?

It’s Easy to Overcommit

Even if you’re not a caregiver, it’s easy to overcommit to things in life. There’s always something that needs doing or people who need help from you. But you really do only have a finite amount of time and energy. If you’re exceeding those limitations, something else has got to give. You’re likely to give up on something really important, like sleep.

Why Do You Say Yes When You Mean No?

For so many caregivers, “no” becomes “yes” way too easily. You might even mean to turn down an obligation and then find yourself saying yes. You might find that it’s difficult to deal with making someone else feel bad or you might just want to help everyone all the time. These are admirable answers, but they don’t necessarily make it okay. You still have that finite amount of energy and time to give.

Pick One Thing to Say No To

To get yourself back on track, pick one obligation or extra thing to say no to. You might think at first that it’s impossible to find the one thing to say no to, but you already know what it is. What’s the task or obligation that you resent doing or that makes you feel terrible? That’s probably one of the ones that you agreed to do just because you felt like you had to say yes. Turn that yes into a no.

Assess What Saying No Does for You

You’re going to feel awful immediately after you say no. That’s just how this all works at first. But give it some time. Stick to your no and then ask yourself how you feel. You might feel a little guilty at first and then realize that deep down you actually feel pretty good. Your feelings of resentment are likely gone and you can move on to finding one more thing to say no to for now.

Saying no more often as a caregiver is going to help you to avoid overcommitting yourself and free up some time and energy. When you’re doing only what you feasibly can do, that’s going to feel a lot different for you than constantly feeling overwhelmed. It’s a much better feeling and it gives you margin that you need.

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