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Is a Lift Chair the Right Tool for Your Senior?

Using a lift chair might not be something that your senior has considered before now, but it can definitely make life easier and even safer for her. The lift chair is something that will likely replace your senior’s favorite seating, so it’s important that she is comfortable with it.

Elder Care New Providence NJ - Is a Lift Chair the Right Tool for Your Senior?

Elder Care New Providence NJ – Is a Lift Chair the Right Tool for Your Senior?

What Is a Lift Chair?

Lift chairs look just like regular recliners, but they have a motor in the base that slowly lifts the chair so that your senior can easily get into and out of the chair. To sit in the chair, it’s usually already in the lifted position and your senior backs up and leans against it. Using the remote, she gently lowers the seat until she’s in a fully seated position. The reverse happens when she is ready to stand up.

Types of Lift Chairs

There are a variety of different lift chairs. Some operate only on electricity while others have a battery system installed as a backup in case the power goes out. There are also differences in how high some chairs lift. It’s worth taking the time to investigate all the different options to determine which ones work best for your elderly family member. If it’s possible to “test drive” some of them, definitely do so.

Talk to Her Doctor

One way to determine for certain if using a lift chair is right for your elderly family member is to talk with her doctor. Her doctor can let you know how her mobility might be impacted by using a lift chair and whether it’s really the answer for her. If the lift chair isn’t quite the right solution, her doctor can suggest other options that might be a much better fit.

She May Need Help Adjusting to the Chair

For someone who is used to getting up from a regular chair, using a lift chair takes some adjusting. There’s the waiting, for starters, because lift chairs are not an instant solution. The motor takes time to lift and to lower the chair. Elder care providers can help your aging adult to get used to her new lift chair safely, especially if you’re not able to be there with her.

Lift chairs are highly effective tools, but they’re not for everyone or every situation. As your senior’s mobility becomes more of a problem, a lift chair might be one solution to consider. In conjunction with other tools and therapies, the lift chair can improve her quality of life significantly.

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