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Can Your Senior Stay Independent and Avoid a Fall?


You might find yourself wondering if your elderly family member’s goals to both avoid a fall and remain independent are mutually exclusive. They really aren’t, especially if your elderly family member is ready to get serious about fall prevention.

Elder Care Scotch Plains NJ - Can Your Senior Stay Independent and Avoid a Fall?

Elder Care Scotch Plains NJ – Can Your Senior Stay Independent and Avoid a Fall?

Get More Active

Physical activity is going to help your senior’s body to move better and to be stronger overall. These two benefits alone can help her to avoid injuring herself in a fall. This means she’s going to need to talk to her doctor about getting the right amount of exercise each day.

Stay on Top of Bone Health

While she’s at her doctor’s office, it’s a good idea for her to get a bone density test. This helps her to see how strong her bones are right now and whether she’s at risk of easily fracturing a bone should she fall. Her doctor can give her specific recommendations for correcting any of her risk factors.

Reduce Side Effects

If your elderly family member takes any medications at all, she’s experiencing side effects. Those side effects could determine whether she’s at a greater risk of falling or not. If her medication does pose a problem, she might want to talk to her doctor about whether she can or should change her dosages or medications.

Change Her Footwear

Your senior may not be the type who likes to wear shoes indoors, but that may need to change. Having sturdy, rubber-soled shoes on inside can help her to ensure that she’s got the footing she needs to remain upright. Remember also that shoe size can change over time. If she hasn’t had her feet measured in a while, she might be due.

Work with Someone Who Knows about Preventing Falls

Elder care providers who are experienced in preventing falls can help your senior to fall-proof her home. They can point out potential obstacles and problems that she might have never considered. At first she might resist working with them, but she can definitely use their expertise. She may be surprised also at all of the other ways that they can help her to remain independent.

There may be more that you want your elder to do, but these are some solid first steps for her to take. Doing these things regularly can help her to fix small issues before they become big ones that could leave her way more dependent on you and on other people than she wants to be.

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