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How National MS Awareness Month Helps Family Caregivers

Family caregivers with elderly relatives who have multiple sclerosis have a unique opportunity to learn more about this neurological disease during National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. This national campaign is designed to increase education and awareness for all types of MS, including late onset which affects seniors over age 50. Home care providers and caregivers for seniors with MS require a deep understanding of their needs and familiarity with treatment options so the aging adults can continue to live at home, despite the diagnosis.

Home Care Somerset NJ - How National MS Awareness Month Helps Family Caregivers

Home Care Somerset NJ – How National MS Awareness Month Helps Family Caregivers

Symptoms of MS in Aging Adults

Family caregivers should know that late onset MS can lead to serious physical health issues in their elderly relatives, making it very important that they know how to provide assistance as the disease progresses. The symptoms of MS include tremors, muscle weakness, numbness, fatigue, poor vision and balance issues. Eventually, the aging adult loses the ability to control their muscles and are confined to a wheelchair. The disease progresses quite rapidly in elderly adults, making it extremely important that family caregivers put together an in-home care plan sooner rather than later.

Treatments for MS in Aging Adults

There is no cure for multiple sclerosis, but modern medical research has led to some drugs that can alleviate some of the symptoms and in some cases, slow down the disease’s progress. Lifestyle adjustments can also make a big difference, with a healthy diet, regular activity and good sleep among the top doctor recommendations. Reducing stress, quitting smoking and regular medical checkups also contribute to a higher quality of life for aging adults with MS.

Home Care Providers and Family Caregivers

Living at home with multiple sclerosis is quite difficult for seniors without structured in-home care. Family caregivers may only need to help out a little in the early stages of the disease but will have to step up the level of care as it progresses, and their aging loved one needs more help with daily tasks.

Many families find that hiring home care providers can make a real difference in the day-to-day life of an elderly adult with MS. Home care providers can help seniors with bathing, dressing and grooming. They are also skilled at preparing meals, reminding seniors about medication and doing light housekeeping and laundry. Eventually, when the aging adult needs that full-time care, often around-the-clock, the home care provider team can enable them to remain in their home, safe and comfortable.

When an elderly loved one develops MS, family caregivers have a lot of tough decisions to make regarding their care and whether or not they can stay at home. As the physical limitations increase, family caregivers also soon realize they cannot have all the responsibilities themselves. With home care providers, seniors with MS can enjoy a higher quality of life in their own home as they face the future with this life-changing neurological disease.

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