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Are You in Denial about Your Senior’s Health Issues?

Denial can be a sign that you’re scared, upset, or nervous about something that is changing in your aging adult’s life and health. The problem is that as her caregiver, you need to move beyond denial so that she’s getting the best care possible.

Home Health Care Scotch Plains NJ - Are You in Denial about Your Senior's Health Issues?

Home Health Care Scotch Plains NJ – Are You in Denial about Your Senior’s Health Issues?

You’re Ignoring or Downplaying Symptoms

While it sounds like you’re being mean by ignoring or downplaying symptoms, this is usually something that you’re doing subconsciously. If you do notice that you’re doing this, it’s likely something that you tell yourself is happening because you don’t want to overreact or overthink anything. If you’re seeing any changes to your senior’s symptoms or to how she seems to be feeling, make sure that you mention it to her doctor so you can determine if there’s anything going on.

You’re Rationalizing New Behaviors

Another common reaction to new symptoms or behaviors is to rationalize them. In this reaction, you’re acknowledging the new situation, but you’re explaining it away with something that “makes sense.” This can be another way to deny what’s really going on and to potentially create a dangerous situation for your aging adult. New behaviors can mean that there is definitely something else going on, so it’s important to address them.

You’re Feeling Stuck or Frustrated

Your emotions can be a really important indicator of how you’re faring as a family caregiver. For instance, if you’re feeling frustrated, angry, or stuck, that’s an indication that you may be overlooking or ignoring something. Denial can keep you locked into a situation that isn’t a healthy one for you or for your aging adult. When you’re feeling these types of emotions, you might need to step back and take another look at what’s going on.

You’re Carrying on as if Everything Is Normal

The most obvious form of denial, of course, is to simply carry on as if there’s nothing unusual going on at all. This can be the most insidious form of denial because you’re more likely to feel as if this form snuck up on you when you realize what’s happening. As soon as you do feel that something is amiss or as soon as someone tells you something seems off, it’s time to take an objective look at the situation.

Denial is a normal, human reaction, especially to bad news. But that doesn’t mean that you need to camp out in denial and make it your default response. Once you recognize that you’re experiencing denial, it’s time to find solutions. Home health care providers can help you to spot your blind spots and get your senior the assistance that she needs.

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