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Why Is Your Senior So Stubborn?


Stubbornness can hide a whole world of other situations, especially in your aging adult. It’s often a reaction to something else that isn’t working the way that she expects or wants it to work. And that means that things aren’t necessarily going to work the way that you expect or want them to work, either. Understanding what’s behind all of this can help.

Homecare Hunterdon NJ - Why Is Your Senior So Stubborn?

Homecare Hunterdon NJ – Why Is Your Senior So Stubborn?

Control Is a Big Deal

Lots of things about your senior’s current life likely feel out of her control. Her health is dramatically different than it was, she may not be able to drive any longer, and you want her to eat foods that she may never have tried before. All of that can add up to feel like something that she can’t control at all anymore.

Aging Is Not Fun

Aging itself isn’t as much fun near the end of life as it might have been at other stages of life. Your senior might encounter ageism from people that she encounters out and about. She’s also possibly dealing with the emotional effects of aging. No one feels their age all the time and it can be an emotional shock to keep bumping up against evidence that she’s not as young as she used to be.

Aging Can Be Scary

As emotionally challenging as aging can be, it can also be scary for your senior. She’s possibly facing big health concerns and those can have a huge impact on how she approaches the rest of her life. Your elderly family member might easily feel as if her body is betraying her with the changes that it’s throwing her way and that’s not a good feeling.

It Has Nothing to Do with You

One of the most difficult aspects for you as your senior’s caregiver could be the fact that your elderly family member may sometimes lash out at you. She is more likely to do that simply because you’re there and close to her. It almost definitely has nothing to do with anything that you’ve actually done. It may not feel that way to you, though, and it can be difficult to accept sometimes.

Sometimes when your elderly family member is especially stubborn, you need to take a step or two back for your own well-being. That doesn’t mean leaving her on her own, though. Homecare providers can make sure that she’s in good hands and sometimes they can be beneficial in breaking through the stubbornness that your elderly family member is feeling.

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