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Meaningful Modifications to Make to Your Senior’s Living Area

Being a family caregiver is about more than just giving your senior the direct care necessary to help the manage their needs and manage their challenges. Instead, it is about helping them to live their best life throughout their later years, and this includes ensuring their have a living environment that is safe, comfortable, and accessible. Making meaningful modifications throughout their home helps your parent to effectively address needs and challenges they are facing while making it easier for them to age in place.

Homecare Union County NJ - Meaningful Modifications to Make to Your Senior's Living Area

Homecare Union County NJ – Meaningful Modifications to Make to Your Senior’s Living Area

This supports their sense of independence and protects their mental and emotional health as they age in place. While virtually any area of the home can be modified, focusing on the living area is important. This is where your parent spends a considerable amount of their time, and is likely where they will be alone the most. Making sure it is accessible and safe will help them make the most of this space while still managing their needs effectively.

Some meaningful modifications you can make to your senior’s living area include:

  • Remove any lightweight furniture or furniture on wheels as these could unexpectedly move out of the way if your parent reaches out for them as they are walking by, or if they lose their balance.
  • Create a central location where your parent can keep items they use frequently. This can include the remote, tissues, lip balm, lotion, a water bottle, extra classes, and other items. Keeping them in this type of location makes it easy to find without having to search all over the room.
  • If your parent doesn’t have one, add a peep hole to their front door. This allows them to easily check who is at their door without opening it. An even more effective tactic is adding a security camera your parent can access through a mobile device or computer so they can check the porch and even communicate with who is there.
  • Be sure there are no electrical wires stretched across areas where your parent will walk. This can lead to tripping.
  • Many older homes are not equipped to handle the electrical demands of modern households. Make sure there are not too many electronics plugged into the same outlets and consider having the electrical system updated for maximum efficiency and safety.
  • Add extra safety elements to the area, including extra locks on the doors and windows, to provide added security.
  • If your senior has wandering tendencies, add locks they are not familiar with, such as those close to the top of the door and on the floor. This will help to prevent your parent from leaving the home.

One of the most effective and meaningful ways you can help your parent live their best life is through supporting and encouraging their independence. Having homecare as a part of making them more independent may seem counterintuitive, but adding this personalized care can actually greatly improve your senior’s autonomy and ability to manage their own life. A homecare services provider can offer a wide range of services specifically designed to help your parent manage their needs, stay active, and enjoy a satisfying lifestyle as they age. This can include transportation, mobility support, assistance with housekeeping tasks and other activities of daily living, medication reminders, and more.

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