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Get Ready for Outdoor Summer Activities with Your Senior

Outdoor summer activities can be just the thing to get your senior active and excited about her life again. But they can also be occasions in which your elderly family member gets overheated too easily. Preparing for these activities in advance helps to ensure that they’re as safe as possible for your senior.

Senior Care Essex County NJ - Get Ready for Outdoor Summer Activities with Your Senior

Senior Care Essex County NJ – Get Ready for Outdoor Summer Activities with Your Senior

Keep an Eye on the Weather

With outdoor activities, you want the weather to be clear and nice, of course. But you also want to make sure that the temperature won’t be too high. If your senior is likely to be exposed to high temperatures, you need to make sure that you’re prepared for whatever might happen. Sign up for weather alerts. You can customize them for temperature, humidity levels, air quality, and even pollen types and counts.

Snacks and Water Are a Must, Too

Even if your senior is only going to be out for a couple of hours, it still makes sense to pack some snacks that won’t go bad and some water. Pack a few bottles of water or at least make sure that you’ll be able to refill a reusable water bottle no matter where you go. Have some water before leaving, too. As far as snacks go, you might want to avoid anything that could melt or snacks that are full of sugar.

Wardrobe Matters When it’s Hot

What your senior wears outside in the heat and the sun very much matters. Loose clothing, preferably with long sleeves and legs, might be the best choice as long as the material lets lots of air through. The long sleeves and legs allow for some sun protection, which can be vital. Keep in mind as well that lighter colors reflect heat while darker colors tend to capture heat. That means that your senior could feel cooler in lighter-colored clothing.

Don’t Forget Sunblock, Hats, and Umbrellas

Accessories can help where her wardrobe lets your senior down a bit. For instance, if she doesn’t have or want to wear longer sleeves out in the sun, a big floppy hat and a sun umbrella can make up the difference. Don’t forget sunblock, either. Spray-on versions can be a lot easier and faster to apply and to reapply throughout the day.

Getting outside when the weather tends to be nicer is one of the best aspects of summer. Your senior may need some additional help to ensure that she’s safe and healthy even in hot weather, though. It can be a good idea to hire senior care providers, especially if your elderly family member enjoys going on day trips outside during summer when you can’t be with her.

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