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Things To Know FAQs

Under what circumstances is home care right?

Home care enables the client to remain in her/his home…and that’s usually where we’re most comfortable and secure. However, there may be times when in-home care simply isn’t practical, and all the facts and circumstances of a particular case need serious review. If Generations’ nurse concludes home care isn’t appropriate we will let you know right away.
To give you some ideas of when home care might be the better choice, here are some circumstances where it may make sense:
When the client is likely to thrive in her/his home environment, as opposed to the alternatives.
When the client is transitioning from a hospital or other facility, or recovering from surgery or an illness, in such cases the objective is to help the client get back to independence and the ability to handle the usual activities of daily living.
In instances where the client may be isolated, and would benefit from personal care and companionship.
When the primary caregiver needs help and a respite.
If there are safety issues, a lack of regular personal hygiene, poor nutrition, etc.
If the client needs reminders to take his/her medication.
Where the client doesn’t participate in activities that exercise her/him mentally and physically.

How do you verify the hours I’m charged?

Generations uses a state-of-the-art telephone-based reporting system. When our CHHA arrives at your home she/he calls a special toll-free phone number from your phone. This call is registered in a special computer system. At the end of her/his shift the CHHA calls again. This does two things—it advises our office that your CHHA has arrived so we can respond immediately if something has happened to keep our CHHA from arriving on time, and it records the CHHAs' hours for billing purposes. This system uses the same technology as a 911 call, connecting the phone number called from and the client’s address. This ensures the CHHA actually calls from the client’s home.

How often do you bill?

We bill weekly. If you’d like, we can arrange for payment to be made automatically against your credit card. Otherwise payment is due upon receipt as we pay our caregivers weekly as well.

Who pays for the care?

Currently, this type of care is not covered by most private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. However, it may be covered under a long term care policy or veteran’s benefits. Typically, the patient or a family member or other caregiver pays for the services delivered. Generations will review all financial arrangements and obligations in advance.

What if I don’t like the CHHA.

Generations will replace any CHHA which the client feels less than comfortable with.

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